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The rail car was built about 1890 by the Pullman Co.  It was made for the Morgan’s Louisiana and Texas R.R. as car 993 and was a private car for the road’s officials.  The original colors were Tuscan red, black roof, and black trucks and underbody.  There are only two cars from the Morgan’s Louisiana and Texas Rail Road still in existence, this rail car and a locomotive which is on display at a park in Baytown, Texas.

In a rail merger around 1928 the car was taken over by the Texas and New Orleans R.R. (Southern Pacific) and was assigned to work train service and was then re-lettered to T&NO MW 224. The car was used as a crew car and Maintenance of Way car on the Texas Midland line from Ennis to Terrell to Paris (then under T&NO control) from 1928 to late 1940's. 

­The rail car was scrapped in the late 1940’s.   At that time it was sold to a private person for use as a residence at their farm in Ellis County.  In 1975 the rail car was purchased by the Terrell Heritage Society and trucked from the Ellis County farm to its­ present location at Lions Club Park,  Terrell, TX on Lions Club Ln. behind the Terrell Chamber of Commerce  (1314 W. Moore Ave.)

The car contains a galley, dining room, private stateroom and adjoining bathroom, sleeping quarters with an upper and lower berths and an observation or drawing room.

The rail car is open for public viewing during the Terrell Heritage Jubilee each April.  Groups may contact Terrell Heritage Museum to set up a special appointment.

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