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December 2015

Greetings from the Board of the Terrell Heritage Society, Inc.

The year 2015 has been a very busy and productive year for the Terrell Heritage Society.  The historic Carnegie Library building which now houses the artifacts and photographic records of Terrell in the Terrell Heritage Museum will be getting a new roof thanks to a grant from the Texas Historic Commission and their Texas Preservation Trust Fund and almost double matching funds from the City of Terrell.  Work on the Estey organ continues to progress.  The rail car exterior is being renovated by Dr. John Myers, a published railroad historian and recognized rail car restoration specialist.

The Museum has become the very proud home of the Purple Heart of recipient, Billy Jack Christian.  He was a Kaufman County soldier killed in action during World War II.  The previously lost medal was presented to the Museum during a ceremony with Purple Hearts Reunited, Inc.

During 2015, the Museum participated in two Terrell Art Walks, Christmas in July, and most recently the Shop Local Day on November 28th which culminated with the second annual Museum Christmas Tree Lighting.  

The Board of the Society has become more active on our Facebook page.  Members research and submit interesting articles about the history of Terrell.  These historic submissions have increased our Facebook “likes” from 171 early in the year to 644 now. Most interesting were the articles about the 1894 Circus Parade Tragedy, the Interurban Railway in Terrell, Early Terrell Peace Officers, and a history of when Terrell almost lost its charter.  Please visit and “like” our Facebook page at “Terrell Heritage Museum”.

Our yearlong exhibit was “International and Antique Dolls” and doll houses, and our summer exhibit was “Terrell: Then and Now” which showcased a photographic history of Terrell from the early 1900’s to the present time.

We would like to take this opportunity to ask you to remember us when you are cleaning out grandma’s attic, maybe there is a vintage item that you would like to add to our Terrell collection. Or when going through those old photos, we would love to have an opportunity to make copies of some of your photos to add to our photographic history of Terrell.  We are a repository for all things Terrell.  We are a 501c3 corporation and all donations are tax deductible

We have included a membership form and would appreciate your membership participation.


Board of Directors

November 2016

Dear Friends,

Great progress has been made this past year in the preservation and maintenance of Terrell’s historic Carnegie Library Building.  We have a new roof.  Thank you to a large grant from the Texas Historical Commission and a double matching amount from the City of Terrell.  While you can’t see the new roof, you can see the new balustrades around the perimeter of the roof.  The City also replaced the front side walk, resurfaced the steps, and had fabricated new hand rails. 

The Rail Car renovation continues.  New wood slats are being milled and installed by Dr. John Myers.  We are so lucky to have him and his son work on our rail car.

During 2016, the Museum participated in two Terrell Art Walks, Christmas in July, and will participate in the Shop Local Day on November 26th which will culminate with the third annual Museum Christmas Tree Lighting. 

Our Facebook page continues to be popular and our “likes” continue to rise.  Please visit and “like” our Facebook page at “Terrell Heritage Museum”.

Over the past year we were honored to receive several Terrell related items.  A box full of Boy Scout items along with two boards showcasing Boy Scout badges and another board with an illustration of knots.  Numerous pictures have been brought in and we received slides and pamphlets from an 1981 survey of Terrell.  Just recently we received a child’s antique rocking chair. 

Please remember us when cleaning out your attic or garage.  We can always use more pictures and slides.  We can now convert slides to digital media and would be happy to scan your old Terrell photos or slides and return the originals to you.  Remember the Heritage Society is a 501c3 and we can give a tax receipt for all donations. 

Enclosed is the membership form for 2016 - 17.  Won’t you take the time today to write a check and join the Society and help us preserve Terrell’s rich history.  Just a reminder, at the $100 or greater level of membership we will research the history of one home or property.

Thank you for your generosity andcontinued interest.


Board of Directors